Nagina Palace- Indian Restaurant inTurlock

An Indian restaurant opened yet again in downtown Turlock hoping to fight against the odds. I say so simply because so many Indian restaurants have opened and closed in Turlock.

It is certainly not for a lack of love for Indian food in the community but because of lack of quality. Being an Indian I think I reserve the right to be critical of Indian food. Being a food lover with an exquisite and picky palate I think I have even more authority to give my two cents on the subject of Indian cuisine.

So with bated breath and a salivating mouth in check, I decided to visit Nagina Palace. The moment I walked in and breathed in the interior and the delicious aroma that wafted to my senses, I knew that I was in for a surprise. I resolved to be a harsh critic and wanted to prove my senses wrong.

Boy was I in for a surprise! Tastefully decorated interior, a pleasant ambience and a nostril tingling fragrance of spiced delicacies greeted me.

Great interior. Check one

Rolled up my sleeves and armed with my plate I ventured forward to explore the colorful spread before me.

Great varieties.  Check two.

I went on a Thursday and they had chicken curry, coconut curried chicken, tandoori chicken, mutter paneer, vegetable rice, steamed white rice and a host of other vegetarian dishes. ( I’m a carnivore and hence I forget the vegetable dishes they had but there was was ample selection.)
They even had pickle and raitha in the salad bar along with sweet chutney and mint chutney for the Punjabi samosa.

Desert was rice pudding or paysam as I call it, wonderful gulab jamuns in addition to fruits.
Okay, I returned to my table ( it took me while at the buffet bar you see) overloaded with delicious smelling food. Waiting at the table for me was some freshly baked nans (and no they were NOT reheated pita bread! excuse me!! )

Ahh! I heard drum rolls ( not literally) cueing me for my verdict. And I speared a forkful of the rice with a morsel of chicken curry and broke off a piece of nan dipped in coconut curried chicken and lifted it into my mouth all in slow motion as the drum roll reached a feverish pitch drowning out the gurgles of my awaiting belly AND I was in tears!!!

Tears of joy! Ahh!! Mmmm!!! Ooh!

You got the picture? It was heavenly.

Great food. Check three.

So what are you waiting for?
Get out and try it at Nagina Palace. You will love it and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this place is here to stay.

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2 thoughts on “Nagina Palace- Indian Restaurant inTurlock

  1. I really enjoyed this lovely article; it was well-written, and a delightful experience to read!! (It makes me want to drop everything and run on down to the Nagina Palace!!! It’s too bad I live so far away!!)

    My beautiful daughter has had a passion for Indian Food for many years, and our family has enjoyed many of her tasty dishes ever since she learned to cook “the Indian way” from her mother-in-law. (Her cooking is one of the highlights of our Family Gatherings!!)

    Thank you for this article…it was very interesting and informative, and gave a tantalizing view of the Nagina Palace in Turlock!!


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